Church of God Restoration - A Revelation

The "Church of God Restoration" group is a religious movement founded by Danny Layne in the late 1980's. Danny was a former drug addict who made a profession of salvation, began preaching, and eventually created his own following. He once preached among the Evening Light Saints fellowship, but became sharply critical of that fellowship and called for his followers to come out. During these years of establishing his following, he and his followers proselyted among various religious groups, including the Evening Light Saints and Mennonite groups.

Danny Layne assumed the title of Apostle, and accepted the adoration of his followers. A framed church group picture shows a group of followers, with a separate portrait of Danny Layne to the side of the group in the same frame, clearly giving Danny Layne the most prominent position. His followers were his subjects, doing his bidding from how to dress to where to live.

As the years passed, the Restoration group began to take on the appearance of the Amish, with the ladies and men wearing dark colors and the men growing long, flowing beards. The Restoration group continues to practice shunning - a rejection of those who do not accept the Restoration religious beliefs to the point of cutting off visits and communication. The Restoration group has been responsible for the breaking up of a number of marriages.

The result of years of being exposed to the Restoration group pressures often causes people who eventually do have the courage to leave the group to go to the other extreme - embracing complete compromise or open sin. Years of being in the Restoration movement seems to leave most people so emotionally damaged that they never really recover.

There is a harsh and critical spirit that characterizes the ministry and many members of the Church of God Restoration group. When visiting other groups' worship services, the Restoration members have often made it a point to go in numbers, to be loud and boisterous, and to try to dominate the service. Unlike the Restoration ministry, God's true ministers are humble people - servants.

The Restoration practice of shunning unsaved family members and leaving unsaved spouses is unscriptural and un-Christlike. Worshiping a man, no matter how charismatic he may have been, is idolatry. There are honest souls deceived by the Restoration teachings that need to come out of this fallen movement. May God give them the courage to do so and to be reunited with God's true people.

If you have been involved with the Restoration group, there is hope and there is healing. May God bless and restore you from the "Restoration".

Douglas Wall
6 April, 2013

The Renunciation of Danny Layne download by Brother Mart Samons at Monark Springs National Campmeeting, cerca 1990
Layne Doctrine on Excommunication Excerpts of a sermon by Danny Layne advocating excommunication and bad treatment of those who leave.